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Products - Unison Research
Unison Research - Simply Italy

The original Unison Research Simply Two was certainly one of the world`s most successful integrated valve amplifiers, a product widely ...

MSRP 3110.00 CAD 2379.15 USD
Unison Research - Reference Power Amplifiers

Many customers, already familiar with our the current products, have expressed the desire to see a new model in the catalog: an all-tu...

MSRP 49545.00 CAD 37901.93 USD
Unison Research - Phono One



MSRP 3090.00 CAD 2363.85 USD
MSRP 800.00 CAD 612.00 USD
Unison Research - Prelude

To complete our series of all-tube integrated amplifiers, including successful models such as the Performance and the Sinfonia, Unison ...

MSRP 4445.00 CAD 3400.43 USD
Unison Research - Simply Phono

While phono preamps with valves are becoming increasingly common, not all of them offer stunning performance within their respective pri...

MSRP 1820.00 CAD 1392.30 USD
MSRP 800.00 CAD 612.00 USD
Unison Research - S6

The latest version of the Unison Research S6 integrated amplifier is the result of over 25 years of experience with building valve amplif...

MSRP 5975.00 CAD 4570.88 USD
MSRP 355.00 CAD 271.58 USD
Unison Research - Reference Pre

Many Unison Research customers have expressed the wish for an all-tube pure class-A power amplifier with a power output significantly hig...

MSRP 24545.00 CAD 18776.93 USD
Unison Research - Sinfonia

After the acclaim we have received from both audiophiles and the press for our Performance model, we have decided to design and produce ...

MSRP 7165.00 CAD 5481.23 USD
Unison Research - S9

The S9 is an integrated stereo amplifier with an output power stage that is a single-ended parallel design in pure class A. The output po...

MSRP 11635.00 CAD 8900.78 USD
Unison Research - Performance

In its more than twenty years of history to date, Unison Research has produced not only separate pre- and power amplifiers but also many...

MSRP 15180.00 CAD 11612.70 USD
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