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Products - Oracle Audio
Product Brand : Oracle Audio
Product Name : Paris PH200 MkII phono stage
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

A highly regulated and filtered external power supply has been designed around a Plitron toroidal transformer. Extreme care and attention has been applied to minimise and eliminate the electrical line noise before it can access the Paris phono stage circuitry. The voltage rectification is done through soft recovery ultra fast plastic rectifiers. The instantaneous energy demand is provided by 4 capacitors totalling 27200 MFD. High speed instantaneous energy release is insured by carefully selected bypass capacitors.

The internal circuitry has been designed around four Analog Device AD797NAZ operational amplifiers for the gain stage and RIAA equalisation. The secret behind the over all tonal balance and performance of the Paris phono amplifier lies in the careful selection and combination of the different components. Another key element behind the performance is the mechanically decoupled circuitry to prevent unwanted vibrations to interfere with the performance of the device.

The distinctive design of the Paris PH 200 carries its inherent signature in its elegantly sculpted chassis. Their again the choice of high density wood fiber plays an important role in the performance of this high performance phono preamplifier since this material represents a very efficient mechanical filter.

The rear panel of the Paris phono preamplifier is very straightforward. There is one pair of RCA connectors on the input side and one pair on the output side. The user can chose between 3 possible load and 2 gain options through a selector button located in the center portion of the panel.


  • MM is the moving magnet selection and it has a 48db amplification with a loading of 47K ohms
  • HO is a high output moving coil selection and it has a 48db amplification with a loading of 25K ohms ( this has been optimized for the Oracle Paris phono cartridge ) The two selections above could work for both moving magnets and/or moving coils ... it is just a matter of sonic taste ... The 25K ohms loading delivers in our opinion a more balanced and more open sound for the Paris phono cartridge
  • LO is the low output moving coil selection and it has a 60db amplification with a 470 ohms loading and 1000pf capacitance

Technical Data:

  • Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz @ +/- 3dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion : 0,1% @ 20Hz – 20kHz
  • MM - Moving Magnet input impedence : 47K ohms
  • HO - High output Moving Coil input impedence : 25K ohms
  • LO - Low output Moving Coil input impedence : 470 ohms
  • Low output Moving Coil capacitance : 1000pf
  • Input sensitivity : MC From 0,2mV to 0,9mV - MM: From 1mV to 5,0mV var. acceptance
  • Gain : LO : 60dB on all RIAA diagram
  • Gain : MM / HO : 48dB on all RIAA diagram
  • Signal to noise ratio : > -80dB



Paris PH200 MkII phono stages  $2,250


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