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Products - Analog - Phono Cartridge - Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge
Product Brand : Acoustical Systems
Product Name : Aiwon
Product Genre : Analog
Condition : NEW

It is with quite a proud feeling of satisfaction and excitement that we present the aiwon©

(ancient greek "the eternal principle of play").


This is our statement regarding low output moving coil phono cartridge design.


It shares the same general architecture with it's smaller brother - the archon©.

It however displays and incorporates a bundle of different improvements in most vital parts - some easy to spot, some very subtle and hidden - in micro design, material composition, individual fine-tuning and - ultimately ... - sonic performance.

The aiwon© is the best example for what improvement is still possible in phono analog front-end sonic performance.

Possible only if all parameters are carefully fine-tuned.

Fine-tuned to thus create much more than the mere sum of the parts.

The aiwon© is "old school" at its very finest.

A sonic performance second to none, - featuring a live-likeness, dynamic contrast, emotion expression and "you are there" character one has to hear to realize what was missing so far - missing in even the very best set-ups.

The aiwon© is carefully handcrafted in Bavaria.

Each aiwon© is handcrafted and carefully fine-tuned to ultimate performance by one person only.

  Acoustical Systems - Aiwon cartridge
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 11499.00 Special Order
USD 8451.77

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