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Products - Analog - Phono Stage
Product Brand : Goldmund
Product Name : Mimesis PH3.8 Anniversary Phono
Product Genre : Analog
Condition : NEW

After many years and many requests from distributors and final customers, Goldmund is glad to present a new phono preamplifier: The Mimesis PH3.8.

This unit is an upgraded version of the Mimesis PH3 Phono Preamplifier, acclaimed for being extremely clean, detailed, and lively.

The Mimesis PH3.8 capitalizes on Goldmund knowledge in time error correction. Its circuitry gives it a transparency and a spaciousness that the typical “glamour” sound of analog systems had been masking so far. With a dramatically lower distortion and noise, the Mimesis PH3.8 has been designed to delight the most demanding audiophiles. The Mimesis PH3.8 is very easy to use. In addition, MM and MC separate inputs, gain adjustment, a complete set of cartridge loading adjustments separate for each channel procure the flexibility analog purists require in the configuration of “their own sound”. The most unusual part of its design is the extremely short signal path of the amplification circuitry. The printed board is directly assembled on the rear panel and the circuit is located just between the plugs. The whole design is dual-mono.

  Goldmund Mimesis PH3.8 Anniversary Phono
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 47999.00 Special Order
USD 37679.22

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