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Products - Analog - Tone Arm
Product Brand : Integrityhifi
Product Name : Tru-Glider Pendulum Floating tonearm
Product Genre : Analog
Condition : NEW

A Tonearm without bearing friction? 

A Tonearm without a Uni-Pivot? Impossible! 

You can never have an arm without friction! So You might think...

Up until now!

Introducing The TRU-GLIDER a revolutionary Tonearm that will offer superior sound reproduction but with Zero friction points. Our innovative design incorporate a straight zero offset with pendulum suspension meaning the arm is virtually weightless.

TRU-GLIDER Pendulum tonearm is suspended at a Single point by means of a very fine polyethylene, Dacron Monofilament. 

It doesn't rest on the pivot point. 

There's just enough clearance to control the arm movement. 

TRU-GLIDER is friction free and is made from the highest quality materials. It’s unique styling and operation speaks for itself.  Built-in Tru-lift is also used as the que device with a longer rail. 

TRU-GLIDER is a straight tonearm and therefore doesn't need anti-skate.  It works along the same principal as a Linear tracking tonearm but without friction or mounting. 



Winner of Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award, 2020.

  Tru-Glider Pendulum Floating tonearm
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 7643.31
USD 6000.00

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