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Products - Analog - Other Analog - mat / belt
Product Brand : Vertere Acoustics
Product Name : Techno Mat
Product Genre : Analog
Condition : NEW
Introducing the first record player mat from Vertere, the Techno Mat, a new accessory to the Vertere range designed to improve the performance of your record player.
Techno mat is a two-layer mat comprising a randomly fibrous designed top layer bonded onto a Cork/Polymer compound layer. The top layer provides the record with an almost air cushion-like support. This air cushion keeps the inherent properties and characteristics of the vinyl record itself unchanged. The lower layer provides the required interface and connection to the platter in an inert manner. The two, in combination, create as neutral a support for the vinyl record as possible.
Two versions:
Available with a 4.5mm centre hole optimised for use with Vertere MG-1, SG-1 and RG-1 record players or a 7mm centre hole suitable for all other record players.
Note: when using with MG-1, SG-1, RG-1 record players, contact us for a 4.5mm spindle version.
Important information before any listening test
Before installing your new techno mat, first, check the tracking weight/force and the VTA that you have your tonearm set to and ensure that after you've installed the techno mat, the settings are the same. If necessary, adjust the VTA and the tracking force as required to ensure that your original, optimised tonearm/cartridge settings remain as they were.
Techno mat is approximately 3mm thick which with a 240mm tonearm represents a 0.72° change in VTA. This is both audible on most systems, and the transition away from the arm being parallel to the record surface will change the tracking force on quite a few tonearms.
  Vertere Technomat (4.5mm for Vertere deck)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 249.00
USD 195.47
  Vertere Technomat (7mm for non-Vertere deck)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 249.00
USD 195.47

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