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Products - Analog
Product Brand : VPI Industries
Product Name : Avenger turntable
Product Genre : Analog
Condition : NEW

VPI Avenger Turntable

Mount Up to Three Tonearms of Any Brand and Length: Stellar-Sounding VPI Avenger Turntable Welcomes Personal Customization and Includes 3D-Printed Tonearm, VTA On-the-Fly Base, More

A pioneering turntable that took VPI founder Harry Weisfeld 12 years to perfect, Avengerallows you to mount up to three tonearms of any make and size. Now that's reference versatility! The statement-making design includes VPI's Classic platter but can also accommodate the optional, advanced Magnetic Drive System upgrade – an innovation with tremendous damping, ridiculously low noise, and superb playback. A multi-layer chassis boasts a massive bearing assembly, superlative control, and adjustable posts. A 10-inch version of VPI's 3D-printed tonearm, VTA on-the-fly tonearm base, stainless-steel record weight, Classic Signature feet, and a 300RPM Prime motor all come standard. Better still, Avenger's built-in upgradeability is limited only by your imagination. Whether you view Avenger as the adult equivalent of an advanced Erector set or just see it as the coolest ‘table around, just know its sound is out-of-this-world great. VPI has outdone itself. Again. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Unique Construction, Incredible Adjustability, Ravishing Fidelity
Avenger's chassis is comprised of three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic, with damping material between layers. It's locked in by three isolation steel corner posts, three bolts, and the massive bearing assembly. The corner posts that hold the tonearms (up to three will fit) have adjustable machined knobs, giving the user the ability to easily raise and lower the height to level the table. In addition, the corner posts connect to the cone stabilizers, which sit in a machined Delrin/ball-bearing isolation base reminiscent of that used on the Prime turntable. Fully adjustable armboards are made from 5/5" 6061 aluminum for rigidity and grounding. The table can mount up to three arms, of any manufacture's brand, and of any length.

The Story Behind Avenger
Avenger was originally started by VPI founder Harry Weisfeld more than 12 years ago. In the process of the design, the project was dropped in mid-production due to excessive demand for other existing VPI ‘tables, leaving the prototype chassis mothballed. Harry shifted his focus into starting and completing the VPI Classic turntable. Shortly after the development of Prime, while cleaning out the warehouse in preparation for a training event, Harry re-discovered the Avenger and its designs. The working name was the "Tri-Pod Project." Newly motivated, Harry finally put Avenger in motion.

  VPI Avenger Standard turntable
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 14184.40 Special Order
USD 10000.00
  VPI Avenger Plus turntable
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 21276.60 Special Order
USD 15000.00
  VPI Avenger Reference turntable
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 28368.79 Special Order
USD 20000.00
  VPI Titan
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 56737.59 Special Order
USD 40000.00
  VPI armboard
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 567.38 Special Order
USD 400.00
  VPI cut armboard (any other manufacturer)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 851.06 Special Order
USD 600.00

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