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Products - Record / Disc Care - LP Cleaning Accessories
Product Brand : Loricraft Audio
Product Name : Goat Hair Brush
Product Genre : Record / Disc Care
Condition : NEW

Goat hair record cleaning brush. These rare, premium record cleaning brushes are being manufactured again by Russell Company in England. Russell has been making brushes since 1859. This special brush was available until the mid 1970's, and discontinued when Lp's started to disappear. The new version has a wooden handle with a flat top so the brush can rest upside down. Very soft, flexible bristles will not scratch records.

When you deep clean a record with the Loricraft it should never have to be cleaned again, if cleaned and stored properly. Occasionally you will want to lightly brush away any paper particles or dust with this brush when you play the record again. This premium brush should last a lifetime.

This brush is for DRY cleaning only. Do not use with fluids.

  LoriCraft Goat hair brush
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 55.00
USD 43.18

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