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Products - Furniture - Audio Platform
Product Brand : Solid Tech
Product Name : Radius Solo 1 with suspended top shelf
Product Genre : Furniture
Condition : NEW

Radius Solo Isolation system acts as a mechanical low pass filter in all planes. It provides your sensitive equipment with extremely effective and true isolation both horizontally and vertically within the entire audio band, a prerequisite for an audio system to perform at its peak. The result is increased fidelity, imparting of deeper and tighter bass, cleaner transient response, silkier highs, deepened and wider soundstage, increased image focus and low level resolution, results which a non-isolated design simply not can achieve.

The technology of this isolation system, is equivalent to our critically acclaimed isolation foot Isoclear, it's effectiveness proven by series of measurements done by independent institute.

Optimum isolation characteristic and leveling is easily maintained by simply adding or subtracting springs in the corners, no tools at all are needed. A Suspension-Kit contains springs for isolating approximately 20 Kilogram, (44 lbs). Loads exceeding 44lbs up to 88 lbs require an additional Sprin-Set and above 99 lbs up to the maximum shelf load of 132 lbs, two additional Sprint sets are required.

Width: 680mm

Depth: 500mm

Height: 120mm

Maximum load/shelf: 60kg



Black Texture Paint White Texture Paint Cherry Veneer
Black White Cherry
Oak Veneer Birch Veneer Mocca Stained Oak Veneer
Oak Birch Moka


  Solid Tech Radius Solo 1 + lsol
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 595.00
USD 467.08
  Solid Tech - Black anodized pillars
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 50.00 Special Order
USD 39.25
  Solid Tech - Extra springs for suspension
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 25.00
USD 19.63

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