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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Processor
Product Brand : Goldmund
Product Name : Mimesis 16.5 Processor
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

The Mimesis 16.5 offers the same features as the Mimesis 16 preamplifier and extends this model for fanatics of Home-Theater. Outputting 16 channels in 96kHz 24 bits high resolution digital format, it processes surround sound in a way that you have never heard before, creating for the viewer a sense of total immersion in a completely lifelike surround image.

Although it supports extremely complex filtering configurations necessary for the best home theater systems, the Mimesis 16.5 is also particularly user-friendly and easy to set up for stereo or multichannel music rooms.

Thanks to its incredible DSP capability, the Mimesis 16.5 (along with the Goldmund Mimesis 32) is the most performing sound processor existing today. It allows each speaker’s driver to be separately adjusted in frequency response, phase response and time response and to introduce the Leonardo correction to compensate for any built-in crossover. With the acoustic corrections brought by our Proteus software, its room correction capability makes it a revelation in all systems. The timing of each channel can be adjusted in increments of 0.01 ms, so that the listener hears sounds at precisely the same time no matter from which speaker they originate. But more, the number of channels it outputs (16 vs. 7 for most processors on the market) allows a maximum coverage in both bandwidth and space recreation. For instance, additional subwoofers can be added, and adjusted so that their sound is perfectly coherent and complementary with the other subwoofers. Using the Universal Preamplifier to create additional surround channels in this manner produces an unprecedentedly smooth and natural surround effect, in which the location of each speaker is impossible to determine by ear.

The Proteus and Leonardo technologies have been developed by Goldmund and no other brand on the market has reached the level of correction offered in our processors.

Just like the Mimesis 16, it integrates the latest version of A/D created by Goldmund: the famous Alize 7. It uses multiple A/D to increase its dynamic range and produce a next to perfect phase linearity.


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