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Products - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier - Integrated Amplifier
Product Brand : HiFi Rose
Product Name : RS201E Integrated Amp & Network Streamer
Product Genre : Amplifier / Pre-amplifier
Condition : NEW

Elegant and Innovative: HiFi Rose RS201E Integrated Amplifier and Network Streamer Is an All-in-One Streaming Solution That Fits Practically Anywhere

With just a glance at the HiFi Rose RS201E Integrated Amplifier and Network Streamer, you can see how different it is from its competitors. The front panel of this elegant streaming amplifier has a wide touch screen, a volume knob, a headphone jack, and a power button. That's it. But that simple design can unlock a galaxy of entertainment. With a touch of your finger, the RS201E gives you access to tracks on your network drive and endless hours of streamed content from a vast array of sources. At less than 11 inches wide and only 8 inches deep, and weighing just over five pounds, the compact RS201E is easy to position in an audio rack — or practically anywhere in your home.

A host of capabilities extend the value of the RS201E, including native playback of PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz, as well as DSD up to 256. The HiFi Rose operating-system architecture gives you unlimited access to great content when you use high-resolution streaming services like TIDAL Masters and Qobuz. Additionally, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, and USB connections allow the 201E to bloom with content.

Plus, the Roon Ready RS201E supports MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) full decoding technology. In this format, the master MQA file is fully authenticated and loaded with information, yet it remains small enough to stream or download.

Along with its well-engineered linear power supply, the RS201E also sports an amplifier with 50 watts per channel. The Pure Path design gives the RS201E enough power to drive 8-ohm speakers with ease, but also deftly manages lower impedances down to 4. Its tonality is incredible, generating taut bass notes, while delivering a natural-sounding top end.

The 8.8-inch touch screen makes it a breeze to operate; the front panel can display colorful album art and music videos; and the RS201E is capable of video playback at 60 frames per second. The intuitive Rose Connect app allows you to play music and videos from local and network sources. Using the HDMI connection, you can watch video files in Ultra HD 4K quality on a large monitor.

Adding to the convenience factor, the RS201E supports Airplay and DLNA functions and can connect to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. On the unit's back panel, sturdy binding posts and connections allow for a wide variety of hookups.

Overall, the RS201E is an extraordinary, all-in-one component that pushes the boundaries for what's possible. Easy to set up and operate, this is a network streamer that delivers superb sound and marvelous video capabilities. Plus, the RS201E comes with a Bluetooth remote control. Like all Music Direct products, the HiFi Rose RS201E Integrated Amplifier and Network Streamer comes with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"Where the RS201E really takes a swerve over rivals is that it also supports video.... The contrast and resolution of the screen is absolutely competitive with anything else in the class and it's easy to read, even at a fair distance.... [None] of the cleverness of the design as a whole affects the audiophile credentials of the RS201E."
—Ed Selley, AV Forums, Recommended Award

Roon Ready

Roon is platform that provides an incredibly rich, engaging way to browse and organize your music. It runs on most Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, as well as other products. Being Roon Ready means that HiFi Rose network players transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to your network player. Together, Roon and HiFi Rose deliver the power, flexibility, and performance of networked audio, with easy setup and outstanding reliability.

About HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose was developed by a Korean software company with more than 50 years of product innovation, specializing in touch-panel interface software and technology. Each unit features an intuitive, high-resolution touch screen.

Online Updates

Hi-Fi Rose continues to evolve to meet the needs of customers so it can provide the best possible user experience. The latest software for HiFi Rose components can be automatically updated via the internet.

  Hifi Rose RS201E Integrated Amp & Network Streamer (silver)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 2995.00
USD 2351.08

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