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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Analog
SME V tonearm (USED)

Up for sale is a customer trade-in SME V tonearm.  Come with accessories and phono cable.

It does NOT come wi...

MSRP 2200.00 CAD 1683.00 USD
Aesthetix Rhea Signature phono (USED)

Up for sale is an Aesthetix Rhea Signature phono stage.  It is an original SIGNATURE version; not an upgrade from Rhea.  M...

MSRP 5000.00 CAD 3825.00 USD
VPI SDS speed controller (DEMO)

We are selling our VPI SDS speed controller.  One of the best upgrade for VPI turntables.

Comes with original...

MSRP 915.03 CAD 700.00 USD
FM Acoustics 122 mk2 phono stage (USED)

Up for sale is a FM Acoustics 122 Mk II phono stage.  One of the rare gem in phono stage.  Customer has upgraded to Burmest...

MSRP 9803.92 CAD 7500.00 USD
Lyra Kleos MC cartridge (USED)

We have a customer trade in Lyra Kleos cartridge.

Cartidge was originally sold by us, professionally setup by us, ...

MSRP 2600.00 CAD 1989.00 USD
Audio Research Reference 2 SE (USED)

Up for sale is an ARC Reference 2 SE (Special Edition) phono stage.

Original SE version, not upgraded from lower ...

MSRP 10456.21 CAD 7999.00 USD
Rega RP3 with Elys 2 (used)

Up for sale is a MINT condition Rega RP3 with Elys 2 cartridge.

It comes with power supply and a brand new Elys 2 ca...

MSRP 850.00 CAD 650.25 USD
Clearaudio Master Solution AMG / TT3 (DEMO)

A customer special ordered this set from Clearaudio, but he changed his mind.  So they are in MINT and new condition.  Aft...

MSRP 4500.00 CAD 3442.50 USD
MSRP 3000.00 CAD 2295.00 USD
JC Vervier La Platine with upgrades (demo)

MSRP 8800.00 CAD 6732.00 USD
Basis 2500 Signature / Vector 3 tonearm (USED)

Up for sale is a good condition Basis 2500 Signature turntable with Basis Vector 3 tonearm.

MSRP 8800.00 CAD 6732.00 USD
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