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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Analog
Product Brand :
Product Name : Acoustical Systems Aquilar 12" reference tonearm (USED)
Product Genre : Pre-owned Audio
Condition : PRE-OWNED

Up for sale is the Japanese Stereo Sound Grand Prix award winning Acoustical Systems Aquilar reference tonearm in 12" black.

The Aquilar 12" is as close to the 12" Axiom, but at 60% of its cost.

It rarely becomes available on the used market.

One of our favorite tonearms in any price range.


MSRP is $16995.  Selling for the owner; asking $8000.  

Please note:  One of the headshell clip got disconnected while the owner dismounted the cartridge.  We have it sent to professional tech to solder the clip back with silver solder and replace with a new green sleeve.  Hence the difference on the green sleeve.  It has been inspected and tested. 


the AQUILAR can drop-in replace TriPlanar, DaVinci, Jelco, SME IV, SME V, SME 309 or Graham Supreme/Elite without any alternation to user's pre-drilled arm board.

  Acoustical Systems Aquilar 12" reference tonearm (USED)
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 8000.00 SOLD
USD 6120.00

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