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Products - Cable - Speaker Cable
Siltech - Royal Triple Crown speaker cables

Top of the line with Singature Crown Mono Cr...

MSRP 93464.05 CAD 71500.00 USD
MSRP 23006.54 CAD 17600.00 USD
Vertere Acoustics - Pulse X Mini S speaker cable

Based on Pulse-X, the Pulse-Xmini Speaker Cable also utilises multiple conductors to provide enhanced si...

MSRP 895.00 CAD 684.68 USD
MSRP 199.00 CAD 152.24 USD
Vertere Acoustics - Pulse XS Standard speaker cable

Pulse-X Standard is similar to the Reference version, utilising the same unique asymmetric Pulse-X Cable...

MSRP 2995.00 CAD 2291.18 USD
MSRP 925.00 CAD 707.63 USD
Vertere Acoustics - Pulse-XS Reference speaker cable

Pulse-X Reference Speaker Cable follows the same unique design principles ...

MSRP 5295.00 CAD 4050.68 USD
MSRP 1950.00 CAD 1491.75 USD
Vertere Acoustics - Pulse HB speaker cable

Pulse-HB speaker cable follows the same unique design doctrines and manufacturing precision that is appli...

MSRP 16995.00 CAD 13001.18 USD
Crystal Cable - Piccolo 2 Diamond Speaker cables

The Piccolo Diamond is our most affordable yet very often awarded series. The 1.5 mm thin interconnect has a solid silver-gold core, hel...

MSRP 1755.00 CAD 1342.58 USD
MSRP 260.00 CAD 198.90 USD
Crystal Cable - Micro 2 Diamond speaker cables

The Micro Diamond is one step up from our most affordable cable, the Piccolo. It is equal to the Piccolo with the exception of the thick...

MSRP 3100.00 CAD 2371.50 USD
MSRP 450.00 CAD 344.25 USD
Crystal Cable - Reference 2 Diamond speaker cables

The Reference Diamond is equal to its siblings with the exception of the thickness: 2.9 mm  for the interconnect. It has a solid ...

MSRP 5800.00 CAD 4437.00 USD
MSRP 800.00 CAD 612.00 USD
Crystal Cable - Ultra 2 Diamond Speaker cables

The Ultra Diamond is equal to the Reference, but uses 2.9 mm twisted pairs for all types and so uses twice the core material. The twiste...

MSRP 9050.00 CAD 6923.25 USD
MSRP 1280.00 CAD 979.20 USD
Crystal Cable - Furure Dream 22 Speaker cables

MSRP 13370.00 CAD 10228.05 USD
MSRP 2500.00 CAD 1912.50 USD
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