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Products - Speaker
Product Brand :
Product Name : Burmester B100 Loudspeakers
Product Genre : Speaker
Condition : NEW

The B100 is our flagship among the Burmester loudspeakers range. The homogeneous and time-optimized reproduction and the live-like dynamics belong to the supreme duties of the B100.

During performance, the B100 presents itself as an aesthetic speaker, which can be easily integrated into your living environment, despite its imposing dimensions.

Every single path of the 3-way B100 is separated from the other by phase-linear filters. Tweeter and mid-range are arranged in a d’Appolito configuration, which allows a balanced radiation, a high impulse consistency and relaxing long-term-listening. Even at highest levels the sound converters, having an imposing weight of 128 kg, never distort or fatigue the ear.

The cabinet of the B100 is double-walled (sandwich) in order to minimize cabinet resonances of any kind. In the interaction with the Burmester-characteristic damping system – felt-mats accurately fitted to the cabinet – the bass sounds outrageously fast and outlined at all times. Due to the abandonment of extensively spread sound proofing wool low frequencies remain well-audible even at very low volume.


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