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Products - AC Power Accessories - AC Receptacles
Product Brand : Furutech
Product Name : FPX-R Duplex receptacle
Product Genre : AC Power Accessories
Condition : NEW

FPX(R) High Performance Duplex Receptacles

The new FPX series feature a new plating technique which delivers sonic improvements and a more durable finish.
Also Unique to the FPX series is a pin insert construction that ensures increased contact areas,stable transmission
and the tightest contacts in the Audio industry and they won’t scratch or mark the plating on male AC connectors!

Japanese audio commentator, Masamitsu Fukuda says the following on the new plating:

“The new Rhodium plating offers high resolution, transparent and precise sound.
The high signal-to-noise ratio delivers greater contrasts across the entire frequency spectrum along with tight and precise bass.
Rhodium especially excels in the high frequencies which are detailed and clear.
Overall rhodium yields a super responsive, delicate, expressive and neutral sound…”

“Gold plating is ideal for enthusiasts who prefer a flowing, somewhat warm and softer sound.
With a slightly thicker layer of gold plating than before the sound is a touch more precise allowing a stable soundstage and a smoother
tonal balance. With better response and dynamics the new cable yields a detailed, powerful bass and an overall expressive sound….”

“The unplated copper reveals none of the characteristics of the rhodium- or gold-plated versions. It is full of vitality and energy with powerful bass and midrange texture so some people will find this model very interesting indeed.
There is a slight tendency towards brightness in the midrange but the clarity yields a very special vibrancy to the sound.
It sounds very attractive with full-range dynamic music like jazz…”

The unique pin insert construction ensures increased contact areas, stable transmission and the tightest contacts in the Audio Industry and they won’t scratch or mark the plating on male AC connectors!
- Accommodates cable diameters from 10 AWG to 24 AWG
- Dimensions: 104.2mm×33.5mm (L×W), 28.2mm thick
- Materials: Main body: Nylon and Fiber Glass
- Cover: White polycarbonate for FPX(R)
- Connections: Set-screw
- Non-magnetic Rhodium, 24k Gold or Non plated Phosphor Bronze conductor (t=0.8 mm)
- Rating: 2-pole+earth for North America: 15A/20A 125V AC
- Standard: c(UL) Approved 

  Furutech FPX-R Duplex receptacle
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 127.00
USD 97.16

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