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Products - TuningTweak / Accessories - EMI / RFI reduction
Product Brand : Synergistic Research
Product Name : Galileo Active Ground Block
Product Genre : TuningTweak / Accessories
Condition : NEW

The Galileo SX Active Ground Block is top to bottom re-engineering of SR's award winning Active Ground Block SE with technology originally designed for the Galileo SX PowerCell as well as new technologies expressly developed to make this the world’s highest performance ground filter for your stereo.

Synergistic Research starts with a new chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum and carbon fiber to address unwanted vibration and chassis resonance that would otherwise lower your system’s performance. We SR re-engineered the internal Electromagnetic Cell increasing the number of active filters from one as found in the Active Ground Block SE to three Active EM Cells with Galileo SX PowerCell technology. This includes 2x rolled EM Cells in carbon fiber housings to control resonance and one flat Carbon Fiber Electromagnetic Cell with a copper mesh Ground Plane as found in our Galileo SX PowerCell. SR then turned up the gain in a new ULF Generator for three times the signal strength of the Active Ground Block SE for a significant gain in performance.

Since the Galileo Ground Block was developed in conjunction with the limited edition 2nd Generation Galileo SX PowerCell it shares its ability to custom tune the sound of the ground filter to compliment your system and personal tastes by changing the bias frequency of the ULF signal generator. By pressing a button on the back of the Galileo SX Ground Block you change the frequency that biases its three Active EM Cells and this changes the characteristic sound of your system. There is a default setting shared with the current Active Ground Blocks and three new frequencies that make your system sound more liquid or dynamic and holographic - the choice is yours. And to make keeping track of which frequency you have selected easy, when you press the button, it changes the color of the light inside the unit, visible from the view window on the top of the unit. SR also added new useful features like the ability to directly wire both your PowerCell line conditioner and Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generator to increase their performance.

  Synergistic Galileo Active Ground Block (includes HD SX ground for AC, and 4x 4f
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 10000.00
USD 7650.00

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