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Products - Contact Enhancer
Product Brand : Walker Audio
Product Name : SST
Product Genre : Contact Enhancer
Condition : NEW

Super Silver Treatment will dramatically improve the sound and or video of any system. The highs will be more extended, cleaner, clearer and better focused. The mid-range will be more transparent with more articulation and detail, yet without harshness or glare. The bass will be stronger, tighter and quicker. The soundstage will take on a more natural presence. With video systems, the sound improvement will be matched by the improvements to the video. Look for a cleaner, more three-dimensional picture.

SST is made from an ultra-pure, thin, long micron-sized silver flake suspended in an organic fluid for its dielectric characteristics and excellent sound. Simply apply a thin layer of SST to interconnects, power cords, speaker cables and other connectors and experience stunning results.

"The effect of treating your connections with SST is massively accumulative; things continue to improve as though you cooked a meal with a certain ingredient - let's call it mushrooms - and slowly distilled all other ingredients out of the mix, making the mushroom taste more and more prevalent as you remove conflicting flavors...The same as playing your system at least 3dB louder...It's one of those no-brainer inventions that even die-hard skeptics of all things tweak will embrace. The results are that obvious." - Srajan Ebaen, www.6moons.com, January 2004

  Walker SST
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 127.39
USD 100.00

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