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Happy Lunar New Year !!!
Holiday Greetings from Element Acoustics
Element Acoustics is proud to be the Technics dealer in Vancouver, BC
Holiday Sale starts on Friday November 27, 2020
Element Acoustics is the REVOX dealer in Vancouver, BC
Element Acoustics is the exclusive Jadis dealer in Vancouver

Floor Stand
Acapella - Triolon Excalibur Mk V
- Burmester B100 Loudspeakers
Tidal - Sunray G2
Goldmund - Apologue Anniversary
Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge
Brinkmann audio - EMT - TI cartridge
Lyra - Atlas
Benz Micro - LP "S"
Acoustical Systems - Palladian
Phono Stage
Goldmund - Mimesis PH3.8 Anniversary Phono
Burmester - 100 Phono Preamp
Aesthetix - IO phono stage Eclipse
Sutherland - Phono Block
Burmester - 911 Mk 3 Amplifier
Tidal - Impulse Monoblock power amplifier (pair)
Goldmund - Telos 3500+ Reference Power amplifier
darTZeel - NHB-468 mono blcoks (pair)
Transrotor - Tourbillon FMD
Clearaudio - Master Innovation
Brinkmann audio - BALANCE turntable
Acoustical Systems - THE APOLYT
Critical Mass Systems - Center Stage 2
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Integrityhifi - TRU-SWEEP anti static dust cleaner / sweeper
Vertere Acoustics - Phono 1 Mk2
Integrityhifi - Automatic tonearm Lifter
  New Listings
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Michèle Auclair - Debussy & Ravel Sonates Pour Violon Et Piano (10" mono LP)
PRE-OWNED - Acapella Campanile MK IV (USED)
Integrityhifi - Tru-Glider Pendulum Floating tonearm
Furutech - NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer
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