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Accuphase Demo Event on June 24th, 2017
REVIEW: SPL Phonitor X headphone amplifier
Video: Interview with turntable legend Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere Acoustics
Meet Touraj - the master of analog playback
2017 VPI price list updated
Direct to Disc: The Brahms Symphonies / Rattle - Berliner Philharmoniker

Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge
Lyra - Atlas
Kiseki - Purple Heart NS
Dynavector - XV-1T
Koetsu - Blue Lace Onyx Platinum
Phono Stage
Thoress - Phono Enhancer
Accuphase - C-37 Phono Equalizer-amplifier
Aesthetix - IO phono stage mk2 / Signature / Eclipse
Ensemble - FONOBRIO
Burmester - 909 Mk 5 Amplifier
Linn - Klimax Solo Power Amplifier
Tidal - Impulse Monoblock power amplifier (pair)
Burmester - 911 Mk 3 Amplifier
Floor Stand
Focal - Maestro Utopia
Lawrence Audio - Double Bass
Linn - Klimax 350
Dynaudio - Evidence Temptation
Kuzma - Stabi XL2 / XL4
Vertere Acoustics - Record Player
Clearaudio - Master Innovation
Thorens - TD550 Turntable with tonearm
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Dynavector - DV 20X2 (H/L)
Vinyl Record (music) - Eric Bibb & Needed Time- Spirit & The Blues( 180g 45rpm 2LP)
L Art du Son - Professional Audio Record Cleaning Solution (Concentrate)
VPI Industries - HW 16.5 record cleaning machine
  New Listings
Vinyl Record (music) - Nicki Parrott- Angel Eyes (Venus 180g LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Henry Mancini - Hatari! (200g LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Sade - Stronger Than Pride (180g LP)
Focal - Utopia Headphones
Vinyl Record (music) - Pepe Romero Flamenco (180g Direct Metal Master 2LP)
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