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Products - Analog - Record Clamp
Nasotec - VEM record Clamp

The Nasotec VEM Record Clamp effectively dampens harmful vibrations caused by airbore sound pressure and motor and makes the playback mor...

MSRP 450.00 CAD 351.00 USD
Mobile Fidelity - Super HeavyWeight

MSRP 285.00 CAD 222.30 USD
Acoustical Systems - Helox clamp

The  HELOX reflex clamp

MSRP 949.00 CAD 740.22 USD
MSRP 1595.00 CAD 1244.10 USD
MSRP 1795.00 CAD 1400.10 USD
VPI Industries - Periphery Ring Clamp

The Periphery Ring Clamp greatly improves the performance of VPI turntables by flattening the outer edges of LPs, increasing the cartrid...

MSRP 1282.05 CAD 1000.00 USD
VPI Industries - Center Weight
This hefty stainless steel weight is the perfect way to improve your favorite record's sound by dampening your LP for increased resolution. It's u...
MSRP 192.31 CAD 150.00 USD
Furutech - Monza LP Stabilizer

The beautifully finished precision machined nonmagnetic stainless steel base and top modules are separated by a layer of damping carbon f...

MSRP 643.00 CAD 501.54 USD
Harmonic Resolution System - Analog Disk

HRS Analog Disk record weight is a highly innovative design that eliminates record groove noise revealing a new l...

MSRP 345.00 CAD 269.10 USD
MSRP 690.00 CAD 538.20 USD
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Critical Mass Systems - Center Stage 2
Vinyl Record (music) - Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue / 1STEP ( 180g 45rpm 2LP)
IsoAcoustics - OREA Series
L Art du Son - Professional Audio Record Cleaning Solution (Concentrate)
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
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Furutech - NCF Booster Brace
Vinyl Record (music) - Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue / 1STEP ( 180g 45rpm 2LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Sonny Rollins - Way Out West (180g LP/ Stereo)
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
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