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Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge
Acoustical Systems - Palladian
Dynavector - XV-1T
Kiseki - Purple Heart NS
Lyra - Atlas
Burmester - 911 Mk 3 Amplifier
Linn - Klimax Solo Power Amplifier
Burmester - 909 Mk 5 Amplifier
Tidal - Impulse Monoblock power amplifier (pair)
Acoustical Systems - THE APOLYT
Clearaudio - Statement V2
Oracle Audio - Delphi Mk 6 (clear acrylic base) 2nd generation
Kuzma - Stabi XL2 / XL4
Tone Arm
Oracle Audio - SME 5 tonearm
Reed - 5T
Acoustical Systems - Axiom 12" Reference tonearm
Thales - Simplicity II Reference tonearm
Floor Stand
Franco Serblin - Ktema
Acapella - Triolon Excalibur Mk V
Dynaudio - Evidence Temptation
Tidal - Sunray G2
Critical Mass Systems - Center Stage
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
IsoAcoustics - Gaia series
Integrityhifi - Automatic tonearm Lifter
Dynavector - DV 20X2 (H/L)
  New Listings
PRE-OWNED - Nagra Classic PREAMP (demo)
Integrityhifi - TRU-Lift Technics 1200
PRE-OWNED - Acapella Campanile MK IV (USED)
PRE-OWNED - Martin Logan Impression 11A (USED)
PRE-OWNED - Audio Research Reference 75 SE power amplifier (USED)
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