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Audio Visits
The arrival of Acapella Triolon Excalibur mk6 in Vancouver

The first pair of MK6 Acapella Triolon Excalibur in Canada, and the third pair of its kind in Vancouver. And that’s a lot of wooden crates for just one pair of speakers !
Taiko Audio SGM Extreme at Element Acoustics

It’s BIG, it’s CRAZY, it’s the world BEST sounding streamer, and it’s here ! In the last few years, Taiko Audio has shaken top tier digital front-end market, and utterly shifted the perspective of how audiophiles and music lovers look at computer based music servers.
The North American premiere of the Stenheim Alumine 3 speakers in its new premium finish - Ivory

The North American premiere of the Stenheim Alumine 3 speakers in its new premium finish - Ivory. And they are lovely !!! New premium finish also available in walnut or Limited edition (black / gold) finish.
Another CH Precision System in Vancouver

CH Precision L1 and A1.5 pairing with Sonus Faber. Esoteric K-01XD coming soon.
La Swiss System in Vancouver !!!

The finest Swiss system in Vancouver with Stenheim Alumine 5 speakers, Soulution 711 power amplifier, Soulution 725 preamplifier, Nagra CDP transport, Nagra Tube DAC, Nagra Classic Phono, and Nagra Classic PSU. Top with Vertere RG-1 turntable, Thales Simplicity II tonearm, Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux MC cartridge, HRS rack, CMS amp stand, Torus power conditioner Vicoustics acoustic treatments and full Vertere HB cabling.
Esoteric Grandioso System in Vancouver

The arrival of this new G1X master clock completes a full Esoteric Grandioso digital system with Grandioso P1X transport, Grandioso PS1 power supply, and Grandioso D1X mono DA Converters; wired with Nordost Odin 2 cables.
Another Nagra HD System in Vancouver

Nagra HD AMP, HD preamp and Nagra Classic Phono with Stenheim speakers. All made in Switzerland
Thales Statement tonearm with Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx

Setting up another Thales Statment tonearm this week. This time a golden chopsticks with Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx on SME 30/2 turntable.
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Western Electric - 300-B Vacuum Tube
Integrityhifi - TRU-SWEEP anti static dust cleaner / sweeper
Okki Nokki - Record Cleaning Machine - ONE
IsoAcoustics - OREA Series
Furutech - NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer
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Western Electric - 300-B Vacuum Tube
PRE-OWNED - Transparent cables Ultra interconnect (2m XLR)
JBL Synthesis - 75th Anniversary L100 Classic
PRE-OWNED - Wilson Sabrina GT Silver (USED)
PRE-OWNED - Transparent MusicWave Ultra speaker cables (2.5m spade)
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