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Audio Visits
DL's Audio System

I've known DL for a long time. We are like audiophile brothers and we talk about everything. And of course, we have a common friend - Stirling Trayle, who personally fine tune and setup DL's system for him.
First pair of Stenheim Alumine 3 in Canada

The very first pair of Stenheim Alumine Three to our customer. A full Burmester system with 111, a pair of 911 mono blocks driving Stenheim Alumine 3 with complete Nordost Odin and Siltech double crown.
Esoteric Audio Show

We hosted another successful show with full Esoteric electronics, JBL Synthesis 4367 speakers, and full Crystal Future Dream cables. More than 45 guests attended our event on Saturday; it's a full house not only on the first floor but also on the 2nd floor.
Swiss Audio Exhibition (Part 2 / 2)

We had more than 70+ people attended the event in the last two days. Many especially enjoyed the Nordost cable demonstration at the event, while some lucky ones went home with an autographed record from Karin Plato. Again, we like to thank all who came to the show, and the support from our special guests. Another successful event at Element Acoustics !!!
Swiss Audio Exhibition (Part 1 / 2)

We had a great turnout at the Swiss Audio Exhibition event on the weekend. Special thanks to Jean-Pascal Panchard from Stenheim, David Chan / Lawrence Lock from DVL audio representing CH Precision and darTZeel, Bruno de Lorimier, Canadian sales representative for Nordost cables, Jerome Fragman, brand ambassador for Stenheim, and Karin Plato, Canadian Juno nominated Jazz vocalist.
Comercial Project - Kirin Restaurant

Everything from the initial designing, planning, execution, programming and testing has to be just perfect. I'm very proud of our installation team. A job well done with attention to all details.
We also offer a wide variety of custom integration solutions

At Element Acoustics, we also offer a wide variety of custom integration solutions to make your home truly unique. From home theatre design and installation, climate control, lighting control, home automation and to a perfect smart home; we know how to combine components into a finished product that meets and surpasses our client's wishes.
Acapella + McIntosh system in Vancouver

A beautiful pair of Acapella Atlas speakers, full McIntosh system and Vertere Acoustics MG-1 with Kiseki Blue cartridge.
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VPI Industries - Concentrated Record Cleaning Fluid
Mobile Fidelity - Master tracker MM cartridge
L Art du Son - Professional Audio Record Cleaning Solution (Concentrate)
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
Integrityhifi - Automatic tonearm Lifter
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PRE-OWNED - Quad Vena II integrated amplifier (USED)
Chord Electronics - Chord M Scaler (demo)
Integrityhifi - TRU-Lift Technics 1200
Vinyl Record (music) - Shostakovich: Symphony No.13 “Babi Yar” / Andre Previn (180g LP)
Furutech - NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer
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