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Pre-Owned Policy

Pre-Owned Policy

Because of our constantly changing inventory, we do not guarantee the availability and prices of these selections. Please use this for inquiry purposes. We will e-mail a reply as to the condition, price and availability. Most of the pre-owned audio is inspected, and tested by us; both visually and functionally. The physical grading system we use is by Audiogon Grading Standard and as follows:

  • 10/10 MINT – Essentially never used, factory fresh appearance!
  • 9/10 Excellent – Perfect Physical condition, light use.
  • 8/10 Very Good – Perfect front face, 1 minor flaw on top or side is acceptable.
  • 7/10 Good – 1 or 2 minor scratches, looks used but well maintained.
  • 6/10 Fair – 3 to 4 minor scratches, or 1 major scratch, appears used.
  • 5/10 Average – multiple scratches, including some on the front facia.

We, at Element Acoustics , simply do not offer any pre-owned equipment less than AVERAGE condition.

Element Acoustics do not offer product warranty over Pre-owned audio.

Shipping insurance only covers the lost and external damage caused during the shipping.

Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Focal - Headphone - Bathys headphone
Western Electric - 300-B Vacuum Tube
Technics - SL 1200 M7 Direct Drive Turntable (Limited Edition)
Dynavector - DV 20X2 (H/L)
  New Listings
Burmester - 909 Mk 5 Amplifier (DEMO)
Nagra - HD Phono
Burmester - Phase 3 Audio System (DEMO - red)
Harmonic Resolution System - EXR audio stands frames
Burmester - 100 Phono Preamp (DEMO)
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