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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Amplifier / Pre-amplifier

PRE-OWNED - Roksan Oxygene integrated amplifier (demo)


MSRP 3500.00 CAD 2747.50 USD
PRE-OWNED - Quad QC-24 preamp (DEMO)

Quad QC-24 preamp with 

MSRP 1100.00 CAD 863.50 USD
Quad QII Classic (demo)

Gently used Quad QII Classic mono blocks, 

MSRP 3300.00 CAD 2590.50 USD
McIntosh C500 tube preamplifier (Pre-Owned)

We have a McIntosh C-500 tube pre-amplifier for sale.

This was the 2nd from the top preamplfier at McIntosh in two c...

MSRP 8407.64 CAD 6600.00 USD
PS audio BHK Signature 250 amplifier (USED)

MSRP 7500.00 CAD 5887.50 USD
Quad Vena II integrated amplifier (USED)

Up for sale is a Quad Vena II integrated amplifier in rosewood.

This was originally purchased from us about 1.5 year...

MSRP 1100.00 CAD 863.50 USD
Constellation Argo Integrated Amplifier (USED)

We have a customer trade in Constellation Argo integrated amplifier for sale.  Customer just ...

MSRP 12738.85 CAD 10000.00 USD
Bryston 7B cubed series mono block amplifier (used)

Up for sale is a pair of Bryston 7B cubed series mono block amplifiers.

They were purchased in 2019 with Bryston dea...

MSRP 7800.00 CAD 6123.00 USD
Nagra Classic PREAMP (demo)

Up for sale is our demo Nagra Classic PREAMP.  It's about 2.5 year old in MINT condition.

We have gone...

MSRP 12350.00 CAD 9694.75 USD
Audio Research Reference 75 SE power amplifier (USED)

Up ...

MSRP 7000.00 CAD 5495.00 USD
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PRE-OWNED - Audioquest COFFEE HDMI cable (USED)
Nagra - Classic Phono
PRE-OWNED - Schnerzinger R3000 digital cable (USED)
Vertere Acoustics - Techno Mat
PRE-OWNED - Gemme Audio - Katana speaker (USED)
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