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Products - Record / Disc Care - LP Cleaning Accessories
Okki Nokki - Record Cleaning Brush - NEW ! Micro Hair

Used to sweep the record grooves after the cleaning solution has been applied, and before the vacuum process starts.

MSRP 40.00 CAD 30.60 USD
VPI Industries - Concentrated Record Cleaning Fluid

This concentrate is great for analog-philes!  VPI's own concentrated record cleaning machine fluid.  This 1oz bottl...

MSRP 32.68 CAD 25.00 USD
Loricraft Audio - Nylon record cleaning brush

A Nylon bristle brush (to drive the fluid into the grooves until fully wetted). Why nylon? It's anti-static!


MSRP 40.00 CAD 30.60 USD
VPI Industries - VPI Vacuum tube for HW-16.5 & 17

This Pickup Tube size features cutouts and felt designed specifically for 33RPM LPs and  works with all 12" sized records.<...

MSRP 54.90 CAD 42.00 USD
MSRP 111.11 CAD 85.00 USD
VPI Industries - Record Cleaning Brush (VPI 16.5)

Great for hand scrubbing your dirty records!
Replacement record cleaning brush for the VPI...

MSRP 78.43 CAD 60.00 USD
MSRP 28.76 CAD 22.00 USD
Nitty Gritty - Record Cleaning Brush / Bristle Brush

The Nitty Gritty record cleaning brush is made with the same short-napped fabric as the Vac-sweep, the record cleaning brush can be used...

MSRP 24.18 CAD 18.50 USD
MSRP 32.61 CAD 24.95 USD
Walker Audio - Prelude Record Cleaning System

With Prelude, you will hear a cleaner, more transparent soundstage, with better harmonics and improved dynamics, top to bottom. You w...

MSRP 281.05 CAD 215.00 USD
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