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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Cable
CrystalConnect Reference Diamond Phono cable (USED)

Up for sale is CrystalConnect Reference Diamond phono cable in 1m.


They are like ne...

MSRP 1500.00 CAD 1170.00 USD
Aural Symphonic Purple V3 speaker cable (USED)

Up for sale is a pair of Aural Symphonic Purple V3 speaker cable.

They are 3M pair with WBT - 0681 (AG) spade to s...

MSRP 1700.00 CAD 1326.00 USD
Audioquest NRG-1000 72V DBS power cord (USED)

Up for sale is an Audioquest NRG-1000 72v DBS power cord.

Cable is 6 ft with 15A power plugs.


MSRP 800.00 CAD 624.00 USD
Nordost V2 jumper cable (used)

Up for sale is a set of 4 Nordost V2 jumper cables.

Spade to banana

They are in MINT condition ...

MSRP 1600.00 CAD 1248.00 USD
Transparent REFERENCE MM2 Balanced XLR (USED)

UP for sale is a pair of Transparent REFERENCE MM2 balanced interconnect XLR (1.5m) in near new condition.

Comes w...

MSRP 2900.00 CAD 2262.00 USD
Nordost Heimdall 2 power cord (USED)

UP for sale is a Nordost Heimdall 2 power cord in 2m.

Cable is around 5 month old, and in MINT condition.

MSRP 600.00 CAD 468.00 USD
Cardas Cross interconnect 1.5m RCA (USED)

We have a pair of Cardas Cross interconnect in 1.5m RCA.

They are literally our demo cable in MINT condition with ve...

MSRP 500.00 CAD 390.00 USD
Nordost Reference jumper cable - spade - banana (USED)

We have a set of 4 Nordost Reference jumper cables.

They are spade to banana.

Unfortuantely, t...

MSRP 380.00 CAD 296.40 USD
Nordost Reference Jumper cable (USED)

Up for sale is a set of 4 Nordost Reference jumper cables.

Purchased from us, but customer upgraded to V2 jumper.<...

MSRP 400.00 CAD 312.00 USD
Nordost Tyr 2 USB cable (2m A-B) USED

Up for sale is a Nordost Tyr 2 USB cable; 2m long in type A - type B configuration.

MINT condition.


MSRP 1000.00 CAD 780.00 USD
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