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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Cable
PRE-OWNED - Entreq Apollo Ertha grounding cable (USED)

Up for sale is the Entreq Eartha Infini...

MSRP 600.00 CAD 459.00 USD
MSRP 600.00 CAD 459.00 USD
PRE-OWNED - Transparent PowerIsolator XL power conditioner (USED)

UP for sale is customer consignment Tra...

MSRP 600.00 CAD 459.00 USD
Transparent MusicWave Ultra MM speaker cables (2.5m spade)

Up for sale is customer trade in Transparent MusicWave Ultra MM speaker cable...

MSRP 1000.00 CAD 765.00 USD
Nordost V2 phono cable (USED)

Up for sale is a Nordost V2 phono cable in DIN to RCA configuration.

Length is 1.25m.  This is the V2 not the...

MSRP 3300.00 CAD 2524.50 USD
Audioquest Diamond Ethernet cable 3m (USED)

Up for sale is a customer consignment Audioquest Diamond ethernet cable in 3m length.

No box, but cable in good con...

MSRP 1500.00 CAD 1147.50 USD
Shunyata Python ZiTron 20A power cord (USED)

Up for sale is a consignment Shunyata Python Zitron 20A power cord in 1.8m.

Excellent condition; no box.

MSRP 800.00 CAD 612.00 USD
Shunyata Zitron Cobra interconnect 1m XLR (USED)

Shunyata Cobra Z-TRON XLR interconnect ...

MSRP 600.00 CAD 459.00 USD
Shunyata Zitron Alpha HC power cord 1.0m (USED)

** Picture to be uploaded later. **...

MSRP 600.00 CAD 459.00 USD
Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6 interconnect 1m XLR (USED)

Up for sale is a pair of Wireworld Silv...

MSRP 300.00 CAD 229.50 USD
Shunyata Zitron Sigma 1.8m power cord (USED)

From Absolute Sound:

MSRP 1500.00 CAD 1147.50 USD
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