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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Headphone & Accessories
PRE-OWNED - Sennheiser HD-800 headphone (USED)

Up for sale is a pair of Sennheiser HD-800 headphone originally purchased from us 3 years ago.

They are in good cond...

MSRP 1100.00 CAD 863.50 USD
Audeze LCD-4 headphone


MSRP 3000.00 CAD 2355.00 USD
Schiit Audio Mjolnir 2 headphone amp (USED)

Up for sale is a Schiit Audio Mjolnir 2 balanced headphone amplifier.

Purchased in 2016.  One owner.  ...

MSRP 500.00 CAD 392.50 USD
Sennheiser HD-800 (USED)


MSRP 950.00 CAD 745.75 USD
Bryston BHA-1 headphone amplifier (USED)

Up for sale is a Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp.  It was used to power Sennheiser HD-800.

Asking for $1000.

MSRP 1000.00 CAD 785.00 USD
STAX SR-007 mk2 electrostatic openback earspeaker (DEMO)

We are selling our demo STAX 007 mk2 earspeakers. Unit is in MINT condition with very minimum usage. Always handled with care and run on ...

MSRP 1999.00 CAD 1569.22 USD
STAX SR-009 electrostatic openback earspeaker (DEMO)

We are selling our demo STAX 009 earspeakers.  Unit is in MINT condition with very minimum usage.

Always hand...

Beyerdynamic DT 990 32 ohm headphone (demo)

We have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones available.  This is the 32 ohm version.  Excellent condition with original ...

MSRP 200.00 CAD 157.00 USD
Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Headphone (demo)

We have a MINT condition Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla headphone for sale.  This was our demo, an comes with original box, and manual.<...

MSRP 700.00 CAD 549.50 USD
Bryston BHA-1F headphone amplifier (DEMO)

We have a demo Bryston BHA-1F headphone amp for sale. Unit is in MINT / brand new condition.
17" faceplate in silve...

MSRP 1000.00 CAD 785.00 USD
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PRE-OWNED - Sennheiser HD-800 headphone (USED)
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