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Not only exotic, but probably one of the most technology advanced horn speakers; we were happy to present Acapella Violon Mk6 at the Vancouver Audio Show.  The Violon speakers are a three-way design with a dynamic woofer in a sealed enclosure, a horn midrange driver and a plasma ion tweeter.  The ion tweeter speakers especially, which use high voltage to produce a modulated arc, are the fastest treble transmission system in the world.  
The Acapella was driven by the exquisite Japanese Air Tight tube amplifier.  The Class A 36W tube amplifier handled the speakers with ease.  Many customers couldn't believe it was driven by this little amplifier.
The digital source was a complete Meridian system, powered by Sooloos system and Meridian Reference 808 v5 CD player.
We have two turntables setup in this room, the Clearaudio and Brinkmann with three tonearms and three cartridges, all handled by Aesthetix Rhea Signature.  
Speakers: Acapella Violon Mk6
CD Player / Pre-amp: Meridian 808 v5 CD player
Music Server Meridian Sooloos Control 15 x 2
Turntable 1: Brinkmann Bardo
Tonearm / Cartridge 1: Fidelity Research FR-64S + Dynavector VX-1S
Turntable 2: Clearaudio Innovation Compact
Tonearm / Cartridge 2: Clearaudio TT3 + Kiseki Purple Heart NS
Tonearm / Cartridge 3: Vertere SG-1 standard + Phasemation PP-1000
Phono: Aesthetix Rhea Signature
Amplifier: Air Tight ATM-1s
Power Conditioner: Torus RM 15 plus
Cables: Synergistic Research CTS (Copper Tungsten Silver)

This room was managed by conductor Jeffrey and John, International Sales Executive, of Meridian.  While some guests already knew about the Acapella, many were very suprirsed and excited of its sound.  It has a extremely smooth highs, and organic mid.  The bass is a little bit strong in the room, in my opinion; but we managed to tune down a little.  Many customers also tell me that this is the best room at the show.  We are also honoured that this room is also picked by Audiophilia.com as one of the finest sounding rooms as well.

We have to admit that all three rooms were not yet to our perfection.  It was never easy to setup a system in a completely unknown environment 24 hours prior to the show, and we had to setup three systems.  We moved into the hotel on Thursday at 1PM.  While many other exhibitors left in the afternoon after the move-in, we worked until 11:30PM in the evening; only because we would love our guests to enjoy our rooms.  We are very happy that many who attended the show like our rooms.  Many also extended their appreciation and encouragement to us; we are deeply honored.  It reminds us why we are in the business; at Element Acoustics, we put our passion for music and performance, and people seeking it, before anything else.

Thank you all !!

For those of you who missed the show, here is a glowing review by Audio Traveler of our room:

Vancouver 2015: Element Acoustics presents Acapella


A mix of gears in the Acapella room with Meridian, Air Tight and Aesthetix.
An Air Tight AM-201H on display
By the end of 2nd day, all the brochures were almost all gone.
Clearaudio Innovation Compact and Brinkmann Bardo
Element Acoustics presents Acapella
Conductor Jeff is fine tuning this Acapella room

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