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Most people think high-end means expensive. It is true, because being high-end, it is on a cost-no-object design. But to me, high-end really means a special product meets its sophisticated customers - you.

We received this request in June from a customer: "When I graduated from Engineering at the UofM in '73 I bought a brand new TR6 even before I started working on the strength of an offer of employment letter and my Dad co-signing a bank loan. It was a graduation gift to me from myself, and Triumph called the colour French Blue. It was a fun car to drive, and the rumble from the exhaust when you take your foot off the gas pedal is the best exhaust sound ever, but, alas, I sold it in '76. I'm retiring June 30th next year and, because we're re-modeling our kitchen and family room this Fall and because an upgrade from my 11 year old Rega P3 is the last piece to complete the upgrade of my he-man system, I've decided to give myself a retirement gift one year early. And what better gift than a Paris turntable - I started my career as a Professional Engineer with a blue TR6 and it just seemed appropriate to retire from it with a blue turntable.“

It is an honor to be given with this opportunity to make something special for this gentleman. Right away, we took this project and startedto work with Oracle Audio Technologies.

It took Oracle over a month to build this special turntable; having Jacques Riendeau, Martin Lefebvre and their painting specialist gone through numerous color samples. But all the extra work pay off. We are all very pleased with the result; Oracle even names it "Paris MkV 1973 Triumph TR6 Special Edition"

In the end, a special product meets its sophisticated owner; that's the spirit of high-end.


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