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Dynaudio is a funny company.  I love their speakers, but for some reason, I have never heard a good sounding pair of Dynaudio at various shows.  Even many owners of Dynaudio would agree.

However, this year at Munich high end show, I’ve heard the best Dynaudio demo ever.  It happened at the Chord Electronics room.  The Chord was finally able to show what Dynaudio is capable of – speed, attack, power, and tonal control.  It was a beautiful combination of Chord and the new Dynaudio Evidence Platinum.

When I was at the EAR room, they were doing a video interview with Tim De Paravicini, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the good music and good sound from EAR and Rockport.

Kharma, this year, came with their serious gears, including Exquisite P1000 preamp, Exquisite MP1000 mono power amplifier, and Exquisite Grand.  The Kharma filled the large size room with lively music and great dynamics; and when music stops, it was pitch black quiet.  It is when you realize how good the reproduction of music is….  Kharma, once again, has earned my respect.

The Vitus audio, this year, decides to hide in the black stealth color.  However, there is nothing shy about their sound.  The Vitus and Estelon, in my opinion, is easily among one of the best sounding room this year.

We missed EAR at CES, but hearing EAR + Rockport is a true pleasure
Great sound from Vacuum tube audio lab
Kharma came prepared this year; excellent sound.
We heard the Wadax amp at CES, and it sounded equally good with Giya
Estelon with Vitus audio is a combination to beat.
A true organic and musical room from Nagra + Marten

Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Sonny Rollins - Way Out West (180g LP/ Stereo)
IsoAcoustics - Gaia series
Integrityhifi - Automatic tonearm Lifter
L Art du Son - Professional Audio Record Cleaning Solution (Concentrate)
  New Listings
Vinyl Record (music) - Dire Straits - Love Over Gold ( 180g 45rpm 2LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Karin Plato - This Could Be The One ( 180 g LP)
Vinyl Record (music) - Sonny Rollins - Way Out West (180g LP/ Stereo)
Vinyl Record (music) - Janos Starker - Bach: Suites For Unaccompanied Cello Complete (45 RPM 200g 6 LP
PRE-OWNED - Martin Logan Impression 11A (USED)
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