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Burmester, founded in 1977, is one of the most reputable high-end audio manufacturers in Germany. Led by owner Dieter Burmester, his team of engineers, and passion for perfection combined with love of music and engineering expertise, Burmester makes some of the best audio products in the world. Over the years, Burmester products have received multitudes of awards from around the world, celebrating the products excellence in design, sound quality and reliability. Today, Burmester has already extended its reach from the home audio into the luxury car audio market.

Premier auto brands such as Bugatti, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz have already collaborated with Burmester on its auto audio system.
Invited by Burmester North America distributor Robb Niemann, my wife and I took a much anticipated trip to Berlin after the 2013 Munich high end show to visit the Burmester factory. The Burmester factory is around 30,000 square feet in size; considered big scale for a high-end audio company. When we arrived at the factory, we were greeted by the founder Dieter Burmester, Robert Hagemann (General Manager), and our representative today - Fabien.
Unfortunately, Dieter had to excuse himself from the tour, as he had to attend the World premiere of 2014 Mercedes-Benz’s new S-Class presentation at Hamburg, Germany. He will be representing Burmester to introduce their brand new in-car stereo system designed specially for the S-Class.
I was deeply honored that Dieter actually took time outside of his busy schedule to just meet with us briefly. During our short meeting, we were able to sense Dieter’s passion and dedication to his work, and how his character passed on to the brand he created.
Burmester(柏林之聲),公司創立于1977年。自Burmester公司成立以来,一直是德國最具代表的高級音響廠商之一,並榮獲世界各地大大小小等多項獎項,以表揚其產品的卓越音樂性及製造品質。由Burmester老闆Deiter Burmester帶領,與同樣也是音樂愛好者的工程師們的努力下,把每件器材都作為藝術品一樣的“精雕細琢”,以決不妥協的信念和態度,一同打造出最高水準的音響。 今日 Burmester不單僅是世界上最頂極的家用音響品牌,也早已受到車王之王的Bugatti (布加迪), Porsche(保時捷)和Mercedes-Benz(奔馳)等豪華房/跑車的欣賞和青睞,指定為其車內的音響品牌。
這次在北美總代理 Robb Neimann 的安排下,5月15日一早我們一行人到了位在德國柏林的Burmester 總公司。總公司佔地面積約3萬平方呎,許多發燒友可能嚇一跳,因為這在高級音響公司中是非常大的規模。儘管如此公司老闆Dieter, 總經理 Robert 和代表 Fabien 一早就在門口歡迎我們。在熱情的歡迎聲中,我們先走上了二樓的辦公室。一入眼前的就是數不完的獎牌,和一位拿著尺在量距離裝獎牌的工作人員。老闆Dieter 說獎牌太多了,裡面掛不完,所以已經排到大門口了。我看了一看地下放的獎牌和那專門裝獎牌的工作人員,說實話,我真為他擔心 。 這時候,老闆說非常抱歉,因為他必須要趕去德國漢堡參加最新Mercedes-Benz S-Class房車的全球首發表會。他將代表Burmester 去展示他們特別為奔馳設計的音響。
看著Dieter 匆忙的身影,原來他今天有這麼重要的事情,居然為了與我們見上一面而特別等我們。不得不讓我立刻對他對人的禮貌和做事認真的態度,豎起大拇指。


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