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Every single Burmester machines is carefully selected and built to withstand any rigorous task thrown in their way. Comprehensive stress tests are conducted on every Burmester machine, a stamp of approval is never given just because the machine can power on normally. Extreme or even impossible scenarios are thrown at these machines to see how it can withstand these kinds of conditions. For example, in terms of power amplification, under normal condition it is consider excellent if the machine can maintain linearity under 2 ohms speaker loads. But that’s not enough to pass Burmester’s stress test, where they will stress test the equipment in under 1 ohm or 0.5 ohm loads. Even then, it is expected for the power amplifier to remain linearity after hours of constant load. Only then Burmester will certify its power amplifiers as worthy of its name. You may ask how Burmester can achieve this kind of performance. The answer lies in the ultra high specs of parts they use. Burmester always knew that only when you carefully match high quality parts that are perfectly compatible that would allow you to achieve that maximum efficiency. This is why the Burmester 911 power amplifier has had one of the highest damping factors of all amplifiers manufactured worldwide for the past 20 years.
Some may question whether or not if this kind of rigorous testing is necessary, and the simple answer might be no. There might never have been a scenario during normal use that will ever allow the machine to reach such extreme conditions. Like driving a supercar, even though you may never reach the maximum speed of 350km/h, it is reassuring to know that it is perfectly capable of achieving such a level if it is ever necessary. It is a sense of confidence in its capabilities and ambition in testing new limits. It represents the spirit of every audiophile – uncompromising design, and the pursuit of the highest fidelity of sound.
合理的要求是訓練,不合理的要求是磨練。這句話在Burmester 機器上十分恰當。到底訓練有多合理,還是多不合理?
首先每台的Burmester 機器都是精挑細選,經過千錘百鍊練就一身的本領。想要出廠,還需要最少一星期的魔鬼測試。測試不是通通電,看看可不可以用而已。而是依機器本身可能(甚至不可能)遇到的情況去作測試。以後極功放為例,一般後極推降到2 ohm還能維持線性,已經不錯了。對不起,Burmester 後極功放可要降到1 ohm 甚至0.5ohm,不單只量量線性而以,還要看能否持續工作幾個小時! 一般不好的機器,遇到這測試,早燒機了。Burmester 不怕,過得了這關的才是Burmester 的功放。可能您會問為什麼Burmester 作得到? 答案就是他們超高規格的用料。原來Burmester早就知道只有精選配對的零件,才能得到最好的工作性能。所以很早就聽說Burmester 911 二十年來一直是全世界最高damping factor 的後極功放 (目前Burmester 911 排名第二,現在排名第一是瑞士Soulution 700單聲道後極功放,但其價格是Burmester 911 的三倍多)。
也許有人會問,這麼嚴格的測試有必要嗎? 嚴格說,可能沒有。就像一台超跑,有多少人會在公路上飆350 km/h。應該不多吧。可是它代表的是絕對的實力和信心。也許今天跑不到,可是哪天需要,有這實力在,它不但能到達,還能維持正常工作,甚至挑戰更高的極限。這正是我們玩發燒音響的精神 – 不妥協的設計,和最高傳真的聲音。
Even though the 113 is an entry level DAC, it will still go through the same rig
All the CD players and preamp on the shelf are going through the Burmester test
All ten 909 on the testing process
A shelf of amplifiers being tested
All amplifiers after the test, ready to be packed)

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