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Products - Esoteric
Product Brand : Esoteric
Product Name : Grandioso F1 Integrated Amplifier
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

The flagship model of Esoteric integrated amplifers for the next dimension in sound

The Grandioso series is the best of the best, the supreme range of Esoteric products.
The Grandioso F1 takes its place at the pinnacle of this range as an integrated amplifer comprised of only the very best in luxurious materials expected of a fagship model.
Since we take pride in in-house development and the fact that our products are made in Tokyo, we took the extra step to develop a unique next-generation silicon carbide MOSFET called the "ESOTERIC MODEL200" for the core of the power amplifer.
But we did not stop there. Tis level of uncompromising perfection is found in all aspects of the Grandioso F1, including its technology, layout, and design.
This enables it to truly provide outstanding power of expression so listeners can experience the rich texture and warmth of their favorite music.
It also features a space factor not found in separated models.  The Grandioso F1 truly sings the virtues of modern amplifer technology.


We are exclusive Esoteric dealer in BC, please CALL for pricing


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