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Products - Burmester
Product Brand : Burmester
Product Name : 808 Mk 5 Pre-amplifier
Product Genre :
Condition : NEW

The Reference Line 808 MK5 is the flagship among the Burmester pre amplifiers and our appliance with the longest tradition.

Since it was introduced in August 1980, the 808, today in its 5th generation, it enjoys international appreciation and serves as reference for the renowned expert press worldwide. The modular basis structure was revolutionary at the time of its origin, and still is a quarter of a century later. In addition to its progressive basic concept, new technologies have been adapted in order to adjust the 808 to the particular state of the art. The concept proves its success as follows:

Recent reference titles on the occasion of its 25th anniversary of production
Golden Ear Award – The Absolute Sound (USA) 2000
HP’s Five Stars Component: The State of the Art 1999
Stereo Sound Japan: Grand Prix (2002)

Not only the technological progress, but also the spirit of design has been accounted for over the years. The silver-coloured finish of the frame parts and the front panels in their standard chrome design align smoothly with the prevailing Reference Line components. The 808 operates fully balanced, widely in class-A, and is completely DC-coupled. The generously dimensioned external power supply guarantees sovereign voltage supply.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, a limited edition of the 808 has been custom-built in 24 karat gold.
Reference preamplifier basic unit silver, front chrome, with 3-pin XLR, prepared for up to 4 balanced and 7 unbalanced inputs and up to 2 balanced and unbalanced outputs.  Remote controllable, power supply in Top Line housing.  (minimum order with an 808 basic unit is 1 input module of your choice and 1 output module, one module included).
Remote control NOT included.

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