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Products - Analog - Turntable
Product Brand : TechDAS
Product Name : AIR FORCE ZERO
Product Genre : Analog
Condition : NEW

Our Path to the Air Force Zero
In recent years we have seen hundreds of analog turntables released, and this has been a major trend in the audio industry. What does this phenomenon mean?


One of the major reasons is a backlash from the excessive transition from analog to digital audio. Around this time of transition to digital, there was already a serious demand for high quality analog decks from some discerning audiophiles. It was clear to us something was missing in the digital domain that audiophiles were desperately seeking.


With this growing trend in the market, in 2008 we started research and development of authentic analog turntables. Striving toward a goal of developing a turntable delivering the highest performance of the present day, and in a practical sized chassis, we finally launched our first analog turntable, the Air Force One in 2012. This product proved to be hugely successful, a turning point in analogue reproduction, and spread out to far more users across the world than we first imagined. Since then we have continued development and launched an extensive line of turntables to meet more demands in the market. Currently we have a full product range from the Air Force One PremiumAir Force Two PremiumAir Force III Premiumto the Air Force V.


In parallel to the development and releases of these models, a project was going on at TechDAS to bring our dream of the absolute ultimate reference turntable to reality. The goal of the project was to develop a truly groundbreaking product, building on our expertise and knowledge and incorporating new ideas and insights. To achieve this goal, the project had to be cost-no-object. And it had to have whatever technologies would be best suited for sonic performance, no matter how much it would cost. We are pleased to announce it is finally complete, though it took one year longer than initially planned. The result is a turntable weighing 330 kg and measuring 902 (W) X 677 (D) X 335 (H) mm.


Hideaki Nishikawa



ELEMENT ACOUSTICS is the Exclusive TechDAS dealer in BC.  


Please call for inquiry.


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