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Products - Furniture - Wall Shelf
Product Brand : Target
Product Name : VW Wall mount shelf
Product Genre : Furniture
Condition : NEW

The "VW" vertical wall mount shelf is ideally suited for turntables, which benefit most through isolation from the floor.  Like the IS shelf, the VW has a 2" x 1" tubular steel frame design that incorporates 4 inverted steel spikes supporting the suspended 0.750" x 18"w x 14"d dense MDF laminated shelf.  In addition, the VW is welded and center braced to a wall mount frame with 4 mounting holes (on 16" centers) to mount firmly to any wall.



Older homes, or homes with less solid floors are best applications for the VW.  The VW design further eliminates the effect from any mechanical or sound based vibrations and completely isolates the turntable from the floor.

Higher mounting height allows for easier use of any turntable, without having to bend to see the needle location. 


Overall size of the high mass / high rigidity VW stand is: 9"h (at wall) x 20"w x 18.5"d and weighs 21 lbs.  The VWcomes with 4 screws & covers for mounting into wood studs.  Use of toggle bolts optional if non 16" center studs.

  Target "VW" Wall Mount Stand
Price (MSRP)  
CAD 439.00
USD 344.62

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