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Products - Pre-owned Audio - Power Treatment
Shunyata Hydra 4 with Anaconda alpha (USED)

Up for sale is Shunyata HYDRA 4 with Anaconda alpha power cord (20A, 1.8m) 

The HYDRA 4 is in good conditi...

MSRP 1200.00 CAD 882.00 USD
PS audio Duet power conditioner (USED)

Up for sale is an excellent condition PS audio DUET power conditioner on consignment.  Original owner and problem free.

MSRP 190.00 CAD 139.65 USD
PS audio P10 power regenerator (USED)

Up for sale is a MINT condition PS audio P10 power regenerator.

Unit is less than 1 year old, and in absolute mint ...

MSRP 4081.63 CAD 3000.00 USD
Richard Gray 1200 power conditioner (USED)

Up for sale is an excellent condition Richard Gray 1200 power conditioner.  Unit is in Black.

Total of 12 out...

MSRP 900.00 CAD 661.50 USD
NBS power conditioner (USED)

Up for sale is top of the line current production NBS power conditioner.  It creates a wide, deep sound stage.  Thi...

MSRP 3199.00 CAD 2351.27 USD
Purepower APS 1050 power regenerator (DEMO)

Up for sale is our demo Purepower APS 1050 power regenerator.
Unit is about 3 year old, black face plate in excellent cond...

MSRP 1700.68 CAD 1250.00 USD
Shunyata original Hydra (USED)

Up for sale is the Shunyata original Hydra.  A great power conditioner; many still prefer the Shunyata original Hydra over the ne...

PS audio Power Plant Premier (USED)

Up for sale is a Power Plant Premier from customer trade in for the new PS audio power regenerator.

Condition is goo...

MSRP 900.00 CAD 661.50 USD
Nordost Thor power distribution system (DEMO)

We have a Nordost Thor Power Distribution system for sale.  Thor is designed by ISOTEK, while internal wiring are done with Nordo...

MSRP 2160.00 CAD 1587.60 USD
PS audio Power Plant Premier - mint (USED)

We have another PS audio Power Plant Premier in black for sale.  This unit is in MINT condition with less than a year old. ...

MSRP 1050.00 CAD 771.75 USD
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