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To be called "the best sounding system in Vancouver" is quite a burden; there were many challengers and there will be more, I'm sure.  In my professional experience, a system is not easy to satisfy everybody, since everybody has different musical preference.  So to qualifies as the best sounding system, it has to:

  1. May not the most expensive system, but a very decent system setup.
  2. The system has to be universally agreed by not one or two audiophiles, but many experienced audiophiles.
  3. The system has to sound good.  I mean REALLY good.

Tony is a well known Audiophile among Vancouver Audiophiles Community.  To my best knowledge, there are more than hundred audiophiles who have visited his home, if not more.  In just last two weeks, there were more than 20 audiophiles I know who visited his home and auditioned his system.  And many have told me that his system is the best sounding system in Vancouver.  So the other night, I brought three audiophile friends together with me to visit.  And here's Tony's system:

Tony's Evidence Temptation System
Speakers Dynaudio Evidence Temptation
Power Amplifier Burmester 911 x 2 (mono blocks)
Pre Amplifier / Digital Burmester 111
Power Conditioner Burmester 948
Grounding Conditioner

Entreq Silver Tellus x2

All groundings cables are made from Nordost Valhalla 2


Siltech Double Crown interconnect + power cord

Nordost Odin speaker cables

Rack / Isolation

Titan Acoustics Yozora rack

Synergistic Research Tranquility Base

Acoustic Treatment

Primacoustic diffusers + Broadband Absorbers


Tony's Evidence Temptation was still young; we just delivered them two weeks old.  So I honestly didn't expect much, but I just want to hear what his system sounds like before the speaker run-in.  To my big surprise, it far exceeds my expectation.  

In a nutshell, "EFFORTLESS" will sum up Tony's system.  Dynaudio Evidence Temptation is a big pair of speakers, but they simply disapeared in front of you.  The soundstage was wide, deep and deep.  Did I say deep twice?  Well, because it is.  We played many variety of music, and I'm quite familar with many tracks we played.  The amount of details and micro dynamic was simply incredible.  Yet the system made it sound so easy, neutral and relax.  The air moved by those Dynaudio drivers and the impact on your body when the bass hits was something one should definitely experience.  

To me, the Evidence Temptation may still be a little bit young, but there is no doubt that Tony's system is the best sounding system I have heard in Vancouver.  And the good news is, it will only get better !!  :)



Audiophiles friends were invited to the listening session.
Audiophiles friends were invited to the listening session.
These 6.5" bass drivers have enough energy to hit you like a hammer.
Wired by the best cables from Siltech and Nordost.
Putting our height in perspective with the speakers.
The Evidence Temptation is 195 cm tall !!

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