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Not only master in 2 channel, Edmond also has an incredible setup of home theater with Wilson Audio WP 7 as center speaker and Wilson Audio Sophia as rear.  There is also a Wilson Audio WatchDog subwoofer for the absolute punch and kick in this spacious listening room.  And the heart of this theater is Lexicon MC12 as his theater processor. 

On the right is is a rarely seen record cleaner made by ClearAudio. 

Some of Edmond's music collections, and what I find most interesting, a Cello-like storage cabinet for Edmond's favorite LP's.  I am not sure what Mark Levinson thinks of this, but I absolutely adore the thought and design of this Cello-like cabinet.  Is it for sale?

Obviously, Edmond's system is not affordable by many of us, as it assembles nothing but many reference of its kind.  I not only admire his taste in high-end audio, his jaw-opening spacious listening room, his passion for the best sound; and most of all, his supportive wife and a loving family.  In the original post, it mentioned that Edmond also keeps a separate system for his wife to sing karaoke.  In my eye, Edmond's system is not only a heaven for audiophiles, but also a closy place for family union.

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