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My comment:

Before I gave this Transrotor turntable to Rafe to review; I asked Rafe which turntable he likes to review ?  I was kind of hoping that he would pick a lighter turntable.  Other than some of the obvious big, heavy and complicated turntables, Rafe picked this Transrotor Fat Bob Reference!  Well, the 100lb Fat Bob Reference isn't what we called a light turntable, so I personally delivered to Rafe one afternoon.

Before I left for the afternoon, I told Rafe to please take his time with the review and please write whatever he feels.  I understand everybody has his own taste and preference, and I would never interfere with his review; and of course, what I believe a true independent review and reviewer should be.  As it turned out that this heavy turntable didn't sound too well on the marble platform, nor on the credenza at Rafe's home.

But never did I expect a such a detailed and honest review from a reviewer.  I want to thank Rafe for such a fantastic review.  I was especially touched when I saw the picture of his notes.

Normally, the manufacturer sends the gear to review; not dealers.  We do it only because we are audiophiles; we share the same passion for music and audio.  I don't think we would sell more of this turntable than we normally do, just because of this review.  But I do hope you all enjoy the review, and appreciate Rafe's work.  



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