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Element Acoustics is best known as THE turntable place to go to in Vancouver.

It’s such an honour and privilege to have Touraj, founder and designer of Vertere Acoustics, setup and autograph our Vertere table. We went though details of his turntable design and he has inspired me in many ways what a good turntable is all about. I feel like a student today; just earned my CE credit in "advanced turntable setup" from Professor Moghaddam. 

On Saturday, February 25, we are happy to have Touraj Moghaddam in our showroom to meet with Vancouver audiophiles.  Our demo system is all setup. This time it is a full Nagra system with Acapella speakers, Vertere turntables and Vertere HB (hand-built) cables.


Setting up the MG-1 turntable with SG-1 tonearm and Benz Micro SHR cartridge.
Our new arrival of Entree Olympus Tellus taking care of the grounding.
Getting some B-roll of the master who is setting up the SG-1 turntable.
Trying to capture every angle of the turntable setup.
Interview with Touraj of Vertere Acoustics by Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophil
Interview with Touraj of Vertere Acoustics by Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophil

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