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Audio Visits

You know you are doing something right when people aren’t leaving.  And you know your system is sounding pretty good, when people are asking to hear more.  That’s what happened today at our Meet Touraj - the master of analog playback event.  

A big thanks to Touraj from Vertere Acoustics, and Rutherford audio, distributor of Vertere Acoustics.  We had two fully booked seminars in the afternoon with total of 40 people.  Touraj is a wealth of knowledge about audio.  He not only shared his 35 years of audio design and engineering, but also his private collection of some rare test pressing and acetate disc.  Our demo system today consists of:
  • Acapella Triolon Excalibur Mk V speakers
  • Nagra VPA mono blocks
  • Nagra Classic AMP
  • Nagra Classic Preamp
  • Vertere MG-1 turntable + SG-1 tonearm + Benz Micro SHR
  • Vertere SG-1 turntable + SG-1 HB tonearm + Lyra Etna
  • Vertere Phono 1 phono stage
  • Burmester 948 power conditioner
  • Vertere HB interconnect + speaker cable
  • Vertere Main power cord
  • Entreq Olympus Tellus grounding box
And many asked for a complete list of the music played today:
  • Virgil Fox - The Fox Touch Volume 1 (direct cut)
  • Dead Can Dance - Into the Labyrinth (MoFi)
  • Keith Jarrett - Standards Live
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Acetate disc)
  • Amy Winehouse - Back to Back vs. Test pressing of 2016 re-Master
  • John Martyn - Solid Air (test pressing)
  • Phil Colins - Face Value (test pressing)
  • The Commitments - Try a little tenderness
  • Eva Cassidy - Nightbird
  • Pink Floyd - Pulse
  • Boris Blank - Convergence


Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
Okki Nokki - Record Cleaning Machine - ONE
Furutech - NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer
Western Electric - 300-B Vacuum Tube
IsoAcoustics - OREA Series
  New Listings
PS Audio - DirectStream DAC MK2
Nagra - HD Phono
Harmonic Resolution System - EXR audio stands frames
HiFi Rose - RS 520 All-In-One Network Streamer
Technics - SL 1200 M7 Direct Drive Turntable (Limited Edition)
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