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For those who know about the B&W speakers, Laurence Dickie is no stranger. Laurence had made a name for himself as inventor of the B&W Matrix and designer of the flagship Nautilus speakers. In 1993, Laurence Dickie brought the B&W Nautilus to the world. Since then, I've been a follower of Laurence which leads to his new company - Vivid audio, founded in 2004.

If there is a central tenet to Dickie's speaker design philosophy, it is to strive for freedom from resonance and reflection. Resonances are the product of either structural or acoustic systems where stored energy can oscillate. Reflection is caused by sharp changes in the path taken by the sound. In the overt complexity of 21st century technology, a key objective is simplification. Deployment of cutting edge analysis, design and manufacturing methods has facilitated the creation of loudspeaker systems exhibiting the full integration of its constituent parts. Driver unit enclosure, stand and base merge into a single holistic form using complex splined surfaces. This delivers seamless sculptures of seductive, sensual organic forms - Vivid Audio.

Element Acoustics is proud to be the exclusive Vivid Audio dealer in BC and here is a pair of G1 s2 in our showroom.


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