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Audio Visits

Acapella (Germany) is featuring its newest flagship - Poseydon.  Although I dare not ask the price, but they are the BEST system I have heard at the 2011 Munich High End show. 

Acapella is known for its ion tweeter and its true musicality.  "When you close your eyes, you won’t be able to believe that the music is coming from a HiFi system. You will get the illusion to sit in a live concert with all the musicians just in front of you. Reach out your hand and touch them! Even at lower volumes, the phenomena remains".

The other little speaker - Acapella Fidelio II mk 3 is also surprisingly good with its own new integrated amplifier - La Musika.  This small combination offers a huge soundstage that fulfills the room with high fidelity music.  According to Acapella, three-dimensional portrayal of sound is an important step forward and is an important factor and an absolute prerequisite in the quest for natural music reproduction in the home environment.  Through the speakers of Acapella, I really enjoy the music played; whether it is classical, pop, jazz or rock.

Other systems I'm also very impressed, in no particular orders, are: 

Tidal flagship Sunray T1 with new Constellation amplifiers.  It provides excellent balance and coherence with absolute authority.

The Vitus / Focal combo sparks at the HES.  It is capable to capture the micro dynamics in the 3 dimensions; they also feature a live concert at the show for comparison.  The Vitus / Focal comes very close to live in every aspect, yet in a way, even better than live.

The ASR / YG Acoustics mate together again, and it sounds spartacular.  The powerful bi-amp setup of two ASR Emitter II exclusive (be careful, that's 8 pieces together in 1000 lbs of weight) handles the flagship YG - Anat III with absolute ease.  It successfully demoed the YG Acoustics speakers - one of the world's best speakers.

The independent room with Tidal Piano Diacera speakers and Tidal's very own amplifier really catches my attention.  They sound incredibly good and musical with a new company "Ancient audio"'s Lektor Air and power conditioner.  They'll be placed under our radar screen.

The Marten Design is one of our favorite speakers with Accuton ceramic drivers.  The new Marten Coltrane 2 is bigger, wider, deeper, and better in every aspect vs. the Coltrane.  (Although it costs more)  It has incredible speed, accuracy, and transparency with extremely dark background.

The Isophon speakers is new to us, but the combination with Octave sounds great.  The construction of Isophon speakers is called "Rib construction" - a concept for cabinet design in combination with fantastic drivers and an innovative crossover technology. 

The Tidal Sunray T1 system with Constellation Centaurus amplifiers make it a wor
Vitus audio playing on Focal Focal Grande Utopia EM; one of the best sounding sy
The ASR + YG Acoustic room is full of audiophiles
I'm impressed with the sound of this independent room - Tidal speaker + amplifie
The new Marten Design Coltrane 2 in black with its own amplifiers
Octave amplifiers + Isophon speakers sounds very good

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