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Audio Visits

We like to thank all who came to our demo event yesterday. It was a full house of 40+ people.

Two years ago, we launched Vertere Acoustics in Vancouver. Since then, Vertere turntable has become one of our best selling turntables. There are also a number of Vertere cable owners and fans in Vancouver.

It's a pleasure to invite Touraj back again with some of his new toys, such as the Reference tonearm, Reference motor power supply, Phase management system. On top of that, a first debut of Vertere Acoustics - Dynamic Groove in North America.

We also have the honour to have Richard Mak, AnalogMagik, in the house to share his passion on the turntable setup with us.


Touraj sets up for the new Reference tonearm
Dynamic Groove deck makes its first North American debut
Sound tuning at the end of the day on Friday
an interview ready with Robb and Touraj.
a full house of 40+ people at the event
a full house of 40+ people at the event

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