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Audio Visits

We had the pleasure to meet with Robert Suchy, CEO of Clearaudio, and in person, he was showing our Canadian dealer delegation some of the new products from Clearaudio.  Robert showing its Statement Turntable and TT1 arm, a masterpiece of magnetic levitation and non-contact drive trains, all on a built-in pendulum stand that could just about continue to play records on a rough sea crossing. The new Statement Phono, a more restrained looking two-box phono/line preamplifier with a remotely controllable input loading and a full spread of equalization curves, also joined the Clearaudio family.  This phono stage referred by Robert is, "the mother of all phono stages".

New products also include the new flagship matching STATEMENT cartridge, which tops the goldfinger V2.  The new Master Innovation will also replace the existing Master Reference turntable; starting Setpember 2011.  The new BALANCE, fully balanced design, phono stage with external power supply; this phono is also known as the brick, because it does weight like a brick.  Magnify tonearm with and without VTA adjustment are among the newest tonearm from Clearaudio.  As well as the newest VERIFY tonearm from Clearaudio which Robert proudly introduces.  Although it will be the entry level tonearm from Clearaudio, and it takes no compromise in performance.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to hear these beauties properly.

The new Clearaudio BALANCE phono stage w/ external power supply; this thing ha
Clearaudio newest Master Innovation turntable which will replace Master Referenc
Clearaudio Innovation turntable with TT2 and TT3 tonearms
Robert proudly introduces this new Verify arm, entry level arm w/o compromises
The new Clearaudio Magnify tonearm, which we already started to mount for custom

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