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The Kiso Acoustic presenting a pair of little speakers called: HB-1.  Just when I thought they are another pair of small monitor with nothing interesting about; to my big surprise, it sounds great !  It is capable of reproducing remarkably big and full-bodied musical performances belying its diminutive size.

According to Kiso Acoustic, the HB-1 is a statement they make to the world.  It's more than just another high end speaker.  Its natural timbres, full-bodied dynamics and quick responsiveness makes it suitable for a lot more demanding task - that of the live stage monitor.  The HB-1's ability to convey the artist's musical intent and emotions is defined equally by what it is, and what it isn't.  The HB-1 isn't about thick, heavy cabinets made from industrial-grade materials.  Instead, veteran musical instrument builders craft the HB-1's cabinet from thin, light, top-quality tone woods that are cannily braced, shaped and floated, to create the most pleasing reverberant qualities possible.

I also heard some other industry affiliates calling this Kiso HB-1, "the best monitor speaker at the show"

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