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Siltech cables are known for its pure silver / gold metallurgy.  It's a very costly and technology advanced process; to put two different metals into one solid core conductor in highest possible purity, and lowest distortion. 

Siltech also uses Peek and Kapton as its insulator. Peek is used in Siltech proprietary SST connectors; an excellent insulator and it is mechanically very strong (you can't deform it by hitting it with a hammer).  Peek also has very high melting point (600 degrees Celsius).  Therefore, Peek is a great material for optimal sonic results but also safe material. 

Kapton is a more stable insulator than most other insulation materials (including Teflon) and it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties.  Kapton is extremely durable with high melting point (400 degrees Celsius).  As a result, the double insulation layer can be very thin allowing twisting the conductors in a near perfect symmetry and angle, which results in very low inductance and excellent EMI and RFI rejection.

As we mentioned earlier, Siltech conductor is also twisted in a near perfect symmetry and angle; what Siltech refers as X-Balanced construction.  What's special about this X-balanced construction is that they are exceptionally well shielded.  It dramatically improved quietness that's been added to the already excellent dynamic performance of Siltech cables.  At the same time, it's extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Because of the technology difficulty of X-balanced construction and its costly insulators; Siltech cables are not easy to counterfeit, nor did we hear any counterfeit Signature cables (yet).  In general, counterfeit Siltech cables:

  • They use blue sleeves with printing of Siltech, etc.  They usually have a model number that was never existed. 
  • The counterfeit Siltech uses fishy connectors, and sometimes they would glue these connector so that customers can't open to inspect its soldering point and conductor. 
  • We used to think that these counterfeits don't come in a box.  Recently, we spotted one on internet that comes in a very nice looking box with label.  It even has G7 sticker on it.  Fortunately, the sticker was easy to tell apart, and there are mis-spellings on the label.
Signature cables do not come in these blue cable sleeve.
There was never FTM-3S model.
RMB 950 ($150 USD) a pair seems like a good bargain to me.
The counterfeit now comes in a fancy box now.
The counterfeit glued the connector, we can't inspect the solder / conductor
Again, there was never a SQ88B G5 model, neither these connectors

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