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Audio Visits
Liang's 7.1 Home Theater
TAD Reference One (R1) 
Pioneer S-7 EX centre speaker
TAD Pro surround speaker x 4
Subwoofer Velodyne DD-15+ subwoofer x 2
Power Amplifier
Burmester 911 mk3 mono x 2
Bryston 7B SST2 / Denon POA-A1 HDC1
Pre Amplifier Burmester 111 Music Center
Blu-Ray Player Oppo 105
Processor Denon AVP-A1 HDC1
Projector JVC RS-65
Power Conditioner
Burmester 948 / Nordost QX-4 x3
All components have Synergistic Research Red fuse
Nordost V2 Speaker cables / interconnect
Nordost Reference jumper
Nordost V2 power cord / Odin power cord
Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables / interconnect
Rack / Isolation
Finite Element Master Reference Rack / Signature Rack
Synergistic Research Tranquality Base x 2
Nordost Sort Fut
Ground Conditioner
Entreq Silver Tellus x 3 / Silver Minimus x 1
All wired with Nordost Valhalla 2 wires + WBT silver connectors

The pursuit of perfection is usually a lengthy process, but in Liang’s case; two years.  And no, this is not his first system in the last two years.  He has owned enough high end components in the last two years (ie. B&O, Mark Levinson, B&W, Focal, etc), before he settles down with this current system.  According to another audiophile, Liang has played more equipments in the last 2 years than an ordinary audiophile would in 10 or 20 years.

When I first met Liang; he was shopping for acoustic panels.  Unsatisfied with his system, he kept on thinking ways to improve it.  Since then, we have become good friends.  Owning a successful but stressful business, he wants to build a good system that can do both 2 channel audio and home theater. Therefore, we often chat about the acoustic fundamentals and ways to setup a good home theater.  He quickly discovered the sound that he’s looking for and started to work on this whole new system from scratch. 

To many, he’s a very fast learner and a very dedicated audiophile; who pays attention to all the tiny details.  The theater room power supply, isolation, grounding, speaker toe-in angle, room acoustics, and even the height of his listening chair……..  everything has to be just perfect.  Liang recently added another Burmester 911 amplifier, to make them mono-mono.  “The sound is so nice now that both my wife and I are enjoying it”; he told me the other day.  

Before I posted these pictures, I asked him if I should calculate the total value of his system.  He says, "No. I'm very happy with my system now, and that's all that matters."  :)

Full Burmester system for the 2 channel; 911 mono, 111 and 948.
All the wires by Nordost V2, including the grounding cables.
One of the best sounding speakers - TAD Reference One; you don't see one often.
Nordost V2 speaker cables + Nordost Reference jumper on the TAD R1.
The full view of the home theater room
The Burmester 911 mono's in action.

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