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Audio Visits
World premiere of the new Vertere RG-1 2021 in Vancouver

World premiere of the new Vertere RG-1 2021 in Vancouver with a new design of the power link connector to accommodate upcoming new motor drive(s).
Vivid Audio in Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Vivid Audio G2s2 and Burmester system with the best Vancouver skyline.
Stenheim Alumine 3 in Vancouver

Another beautiful system in a beautiful home in Vancouver.
Sennheiser Legendary Orpheus

In 1990, Sennheiser engineers set out to create the best headphones in the world - the legendary Sennheiser Orpheus. Only 300 pair of Orpheus made, and they typically fetch more than $30,000 USD if you can find them.
Esoteric K-03 Xs + darTzeel 8550 + Stenheim Alumine 3

Another great combination: Esoteric K-03 Xs SACD player with Esoteric G-02 clock, darTZeel 8550 integrated amplifier driving Stenheim Alumine 3 speakers wired with Crystal cables and powered by IsoTek EVO3 Nova.
Black Friday, November 13, 2020

Setting up a new beautiful Black Vertere SG-1 deck with SG-1 tonearm and Kiseki Blue cartridge on a Black Friday (November 13, 2020).
Transrotor Apollon TMD + Tru-Glider + Hana Umami Red

Our new favorite analog setup : Transrotor Appollon TMD, Integrity Hifi Tru-Glider, and a Hana Umami Red cartridge. Super easy to setup and incredibly good sound.
享受 溫哥華 High Fidelity 生活

Thanks to Living Concept for the interview in Cantonese. We are honoured to share our passion for music and our lifestyle.
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Furutech - NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer
VPI Industries - Concentrated Record Cleaning Fluid
Okki Nokki - Record Cleaning Machine - ONE
Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Original Master Sleeves
IsoAcoustics - Gaia series
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PRE-OWNED - Shunyata Anaconda Zitron speaker cable (2m spade)
PRE-OWNED - Crystal cable Reference Diamond speaker cables (2m banana)
PRE-OWNED - Transparent MusicWave Ultra speaker cables (2.5m spade)
HiFi Rose - RS-150B Reference Hifi Network Streamer
PRE-OWNED - Phasemation PP-1000 MC cartridge (demo)
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